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It's an exotic vacation destination, with ancient cities, bold colors, legendary temples, remarkable beauty — and horrendous crimes that go on behind closed doors.Children, some as young as 5 years old, are being sold as slaves for sex.

I am looking for an honest man, someone who knows how to respect a woman.

Can you imagine young children, learning their ABCs or whatever the equivalent is in their language, being used as sexual slaves for predators?

It is a sin against humanity, and it is a horrendous crime.” On the front lines To combat that crime, increasingly the administration has been turning to people like Gary Haugen, a former federal prosecutor who runs a human rights group called the International Justice Mission.

A human rights investigator we'll call Robert is acting as a sex tour guide for a Dateline producer and cameraman posing undercover.

The investigator is a former police detective from New Zealand.

As shocking as that sounds, we're about to find out in some places that's considered old.

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