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Showcasing an unprecedented combination of advanced features, the Avictor Prelude High Jammer is our fastest, most innovative technical swimsuit.

The print features the words “Sleep” written in the 1s & 0s of binary code.

For added enjoyment on restless nights, the 0s on the design are glow-in-the-dark!

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Our size charts are available for helmets, chest protectors, leg guards and shoulder pads and include measuring instructions. Shipping fee will not be included in the instalment amount 2.Orders contain interest-free products and other Non-interest-free products will not enjoy insterest-free privilege 3.For helmet size, measure the circumference of the head just above the ears and refer to the chart for accurate sizing. If any evidence of pain, consult a physician prior to continuing. Round up to the next half inch and record dimension.Measurement must be checked at least once a year or upon noticeable increase in weight or body size. Once the shoulder measurement has been determined, select the pad correctly sized to the shoulder measurement. Place the shoulder pad and verify that the edge of the strip pad lines up with the measuring point on the shoulder.After verifying edge location, adjust elastic body straps to modest tension so the shoulder pad stays in place during movement. Check to see that the neck opening is not too tight to cause pinching or too loose to expose the clavicle. Check to see that there is adequate coverage of the sternum and pectoral muscles in front. Check to see that the scapula (shoulder blade) is covered by the shoulder pad and not exposed in back.

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