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可米製作 Wu Chun, real name Goh Kiat Chun, was born in Brunei of Chinese descent.He was discovered when he travelled to Taiwan and was asked to become a main character (despite his then-lack of Mandarin fluency) in the Taiwanese drama Tokyo Juliet, with which he shot to fame.In 2006, he starred in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu which was one of the top rating dramas and has seen his popularity soaring Asia-wide.Stephen Chow expressed interest to feature Wu Zun in his upcoming drama based on the popular movie kung-fu hustle called Kung-fu Descendant.Later, he also joined the popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit.Prior to entering showbiz, he was a model and fitness instructor.Wu was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Brunei during the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards in August 2008 organized by the regional think-thank organization, Enterprise Asia.

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Last night, the two were found dating openly at the NBA basketball game, but ran into Huang Zhi Wei (The male lead in The Rose)In 2003, when Ella acted in The Rose, she and the male lead were dating.But when Huang Zhi Wei saw Wu Zun with Ella, he immediately became jealous (basically saying his face and expression turned ugly) And became very maladroit. For the sake of others not seeing the two together, Ella and Wu Zun had her sister’s boyfriend sit between them.Old boyfriend and current love intrest meet, an enemy-feeling is mutual.Before Wu Zun arrived, Ella sort of felt bad that Huang had to see this, often using her hand to cover her mouth, but kept sending glares in Huang’s direction.And huang had no choice but to keep on talking with his friend.Perhaps she was too good, heaven didn't want me to have her for too long.

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