Wowmatrix not updating


We do not run scheduled updates nor do we host addons on our servers.Finally, when I requested that they remove access to my addons, citing the first three concerns above as well as the "no redistribution" clause in the license that ships with my addons, they didn't even bother to respond to me to let me know that they'd complied.This means that users who download an addon through their program have no way to give feedback to the author, or report problems they may encounter. Wo WMatrix doesn't show the author's description of an addon anywhere.On a release site, an author can place a big, bold warning at the top of the description stating than an addon is under development, currently in beta status, is not yet complete, and/or may be unstable.

I see a subtle donation link on the FAQ page which it cool because it's not shoved in my face from the main page.Hell, I don't even see any huge ads in my face other than the well placed small ads for the leveling/gold making guides.As for them not answering your emails, lets go back to how much advertising and site hits they get.There are literally hundreds of add-ons to choose from that vastly vary in quality (there's more than 1,500 according to the developers) and you don't need to visit a single website.There's no need to worry about Wow Matrix overwriting or adding add-ons you've already got because it instantly recognizes any Wo W Add Ons you have installed before Wow Matrix checks to see if they need updating or upgrading.I personally know many people who use it, including my roommate. Wo WMatrix doesn't show an addon author's name anywhere.

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