Whole lotta fish dating

Would be great if men stopped messaging them & they had to do the chasing instead Im sure there are some sleazy guys on here but they can't all be bad but the women on here stay on here for years it seems holding out for #1 hot model. It ain't happening but they are too dumb to realise it.

They so great yet no man has ever asked them them to marry them.

Their profiles all full of negativity and no positivity Lots of them have long lists of what they like & dislike.

Their attitude stinks & they need taking taking a peg or two.

When you're having this much fun it kinda makes you wonder if finding love is really 'all that' anyway hahaha :-D Ben (aged 29) from Denver 3 types of people on here Scammers . They either prostitutes trying to get you to pay or advertising a dubious site what seems to be for s-x .

POF is swimming with these kind of ads and they're not even subtle. Spent their whole lives with job ruling their entire being and now suddenly realize time is slipping away from them. Nothing to offer but marking books and planning their schedule around work Low quality.

They'd write the simplest one liners, such as "Do you value family? " or just "Hey, handsome." If I replied, I'd never hear from them again -not one of them, not ever. My matches dont have anything in common with me and there are a ton of married men on this site.

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