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And now Kelly has opened up about the ordeal, admitting having children hasn't been "as straightforward as you think" for her. Magazine, she confessed: "I just thought when I got pregnant, I’d have a really easy pregnancy and have a baby and everything would be great.

That’s fantastic – I wish I could be more like Vicky! He tries to sometimes but we always get our own back, so… You’ve said it’s a fun opportunity to share your life experiences. Vicky completely agreed, but then the audience didn’t agree and that wasn’t a deal breaker. Should they be worried about what you might say on the show? None of the men did well, so they should all be quite worried! When I started dating someone one time, I went to stay at their house before a night out. I thought that was quite outrageous, but I went along with it. From what I can gather from the interviews and what she has talked about in relationships, I’m far more reckless than her. So sometimes we are on a completely different mindset to the audience and then sometimes we are bang on,so it just depends. Most of them were not famous before they dated me, so that is their own fault really! Even though the perception is the opposite, I am way more reckless with my heart and my career and my job. And he is just trying to make a TV show, which I think is what you need! Have you learned anything about dating on the show? So you’re always on edge because you’re always the butt of the joke, you’re always the one that he is going to come to and make the audience laugh by saying something silly. Were you shocked by any of the stories that Vicky or Eamonn shared?Eamonn has a fantastic relationship with his wife Ruth Langsford, so he has quite a few things to say about making a relationship work andit’s quite nice to listen to him speak about her. And you surrender to it and it’s fun and that is what it is. I guess on Juice, you’ve got that with Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton, so it does work. ” I was like, “Oh, thanks.” Or, “You’re like a skinny Kelly Brook,” things like that. People will be shocked at how sensitive and emotional Vicky is as a person.Because she has got such a big personality, you forget how stunning she is, and she disarms you with her personality. I am looking forward to seeing her on a lot of big mainstream shows being the boss! He is such a contradiction to what you would imagine him to be. My current boyfriend Jeremy Parisi lived in France and I contacted him on Instagram because I saw a photo of him. And they are probably the ones you should never date or end up with. She is in a similar position to what I was in a few years ago – when you’re out on the scene, working all the time and not really meeting decent guys because, like I say, they’re all media guys and they’re not really the guys you want to settle down with.

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