Who is dating simon baker


After helming several episodes of , the actor, 45, thought it was time to make the leap to feature films.

“I enjoy being the control freak, having that influence,” he tells THR.

It's been hard to disconnect creatively from the piece and talk about it like a product.

That's obviously a necessary evil, but that's been challenging. The exported idea of Australians is more like me: blond, outdoorsy guy who drinks too much and is a bit brash.

Rigg married Simon Baker in 1998 after five years together, and the couple have three children, Stella (b. P., Blue Heelers and Winners – Quest beyond Time and was known for her role as the rebellious teenager, 'Gabe' in A Country Practice during the early 80's.Rigg also had a role as Nurse Amy as part of the Mr Bad storyline on hugely popular Australian soap E Street, playing the girlfriend of her real-life boyfriend (and future husband) Simon Baker. She also did small roles in movies such as Jerry Maguire.The spot released 11 March 2013 also exists in a 33-second version and reached a strong You Tube audience. Her Australian television appearances include the television series Rafferty's Rules (in which she appeared as the daughter of the Magistrate, Michael Rafferty); the ABC TV-movies, Joh's Jury, Come In Spinner, and Naked.In the United States, Rigg appeared in the series Michael Hayes, in which she had an ongoing role as United States Attorney Lindsay Straus and in L. After the birth of her youngest son, Rigg retired from acting to be at home with her children.

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