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The former Homecoming Queen does have an Instagram account, though.

When fans discovered it, she became a social media star.

He is a father to three beautiful girls —Alaina (23), Hailie (21), Whitney (14).

The world knew about Hailie as Eminem’s muse and she was featured in some of his songs, but she led a relatively private life.

She debuted on Instagram around six months ago, and when word got out a few days ago, she earned 200k followers!

At the time of writing, her follower count shot up to 400k!

The 21-year-old is now a student at Michigan State University and plans to take up psychology or entrepreneurship.

She’s definitely on her way to becoming a social media phenomenon.“Eminem casually mentions in an interview he uses Grindr and the reporter DOESN’T follow up?? “am i missing something or is it not obvious the eminem grindr thing was a joke,” one person tweeted.Worst journalism of the year,” one Twitter user quipped. A second user wrote, “I really think Eminem was joking about Grindr guys, y’all are running a mile to stretch this story.” in 2013 that he used the language in a “tongue-in-cheek” way.We wonder how Mathers would really react to Hailie dating a boy who grew up on his songs.Hailie Jade graduated from Chippewa Valley High School in Michigan where she was active in arts, volleyball, student council, and the National Honor Society.It was only when her parents’ turbulent relationship made headlines that she was in the public eye.

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