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In this regard, we may distinguish between action readiness and behavioral manifestation.

The first is an epistemic reason that claims that as the agent does not have sufficient knowledge about the person's characteristics in order to fall in love, her response is merely imaginary wishful thinking and not a real emotion. It refers to the fact that as the agent does not have the time to exercise the activities typical of love, her emotional response cannot be that of romantic love.

Love at first sight can often mislead since it is based more on imagination than on sight; however, it can still be love, and is often very intense.

The second argument against love at first sight refers to the fact that love does not merely consist of feelings; rather, it essentially involves activities, and these cannot be exercised at first sight.

The fact that love at first sight may perish after a while also does not imply that it was not an intense love.

Time is not an exclusive, or even the major, measure of intense love.

Indeed, how can we fall profoundly in love after one quick glance?

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