Vh1 dating boot camp herway dating review


These couples better watch out because Judge Toler is watching their every move!Despite their bickering, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn and Javi attempt to rekindle their flame at Marriage Boot Camp.

When the truth comes out, will they stay together forever or stray from one another? V take extreme measures to rescue these dysfunctional couples and bring them back to life!

Last day of Boot Camp and it's the moment of truth for Peter. The couples reveal their relationship deal breaker with surprising truths exposed.

Can he follow through with Amina's request for 100% commitment or will he revert to his old ways? Javi and Kailyn's shocking test results from the lie detector test cast doubt on their co-parenting future. When Peter and Amina revealed their ultimatum it begs the question, is it time for Amina to say goodbye to the cheater?

And when rebellion rocks Boot Camp, not all survive.

From Harvard to Marriage Boot Camp, Judge Lynn Toler shares her storied history and how she became the Judge we all know and love.

V gets under her skin and leads to a complete meltdown!

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