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The figure at the forefront of the Method, Mystery (also known as Erik von Markovik) has formed his own company and is attempting to patent the Method.This has put up a wall between he and the rest of his (rather closeknit) group of seductives – specifically, guys like Neil Strauss and the just-as-mysterious Mr.The Method instructs a man to make any sexual move feel “natural”, often giving the example of the removal of a brassiere.In a man’s mind, the removal of a bra is a precursor to sex – and the Method teaches that women don’t want to think of sex in terms of “steps”.In fact, subtle additions and retractions (mostly additions) are being made constantly at the seduction scene’s various web homes, and members proudly display their “names” (Mr. An opening is (obviously) the first minute or so of your encounter with a woman, when a student of the Method begins what is called his “set”, or his entire encounter with a woman planned down to every possible response.Attracting and Qualifying are more words from the seduction scene, basically referring to a further familiarity-making with the woman.At the end of the day, all the Method accomplishes is in fact what it sets out to accomplish: the subjugation of an entire gender for the purpose of sexual possession.To some guys that might sound like a positive review.

Never mind that this theory implies a lack of attraction (why assume that the woman doesn’t want you?The Method, even if occasionally enlightened, is an overall bust in terms of its impact on gender relations.The Method elevates and even rewards behaviors which need serious modifying, traits in men which turn women off, and thinking that relegates women to a lower class.Here’s a quote straight from the Mystery Method website: “It’s based on female psychology, so it works regardless of your looks or money.” This is appealing to many men: the notion that they can tap into a woman’s brain and determine the proper moves, determine exactly what to say to attract her regardless of who you are, regardless of your cleanliness or attractiveness, this fantasy that an old slob of a man can easily bed a 10 supermodel.If you smell a strong whiff of sexism, it is because you’re smelling sexism plain and simple.) it again takes equality out of the picture, asserting the male as the agent of attraction and removing all input from the female.

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