Vb net excel screenupdating


Most people like me and you are not real Microsoft Office gurus.So, we may not know all specificities of calling this or that option, and we cannot tell the difference between VBA execution speed in Excel 2010, 20.We use Excel as a tool for processing our applied data. You googled a lot and found a VBA macro that solves your task.

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And this can sometimes be a real drag on performance, especially if there are complex graphics or charts to redraw.

COM (Component Object Model), also known as Activex, is a powerful and flexible (and fairly safe) way for pieces of software to communicate with each other.

Unfortunately its quite expensive performance wise. Excel, VBA, VB6 etc use this approach to communicate. Its at a lower level and more complex to work with, but it is dramatically faster - its called the Excel C API (Application Programming Interface).

This is great, but it is worth bearing in mind the things that cause Excel to calculate: Be default Excel keeps the view you can see on the screen updated to reflect any changes.

This is a good thing, otherwise you would not see the effects when you edit a worksheet.

As a result, the performance is increased from 10% to 500% (aha, the macro works 5 times faster if it continuously manipulates the cells' contents).

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