Validating xml file against xsd

Hi I need to perform a validation for my XML file against XSD.I have gone through many examples but i am not clear about the steps in doing validation.Since 2 of our fields violate the XSD here, the result we get in this example is: Simple, but an easy way to verify that the actual usage of the C# code / data followed the originally designed XSD schema file(s). The following groovy script loads an xml record and an xsd file describing a schema and validates the record against the schema.

Read(schema Reader, Schema Validation Handler); asset.

I was recently working on a client project where the client was using the generated C# classes in his application to eventually emit text files that follow a particular (EDI) format.

To this end, I was curious how you could take the generated classes and Dataset) option, which requires using Datasets, instead of leaner, C# classes.

I am loading the XSDs using a slightly more complex version of this code, but they are equivalent (as long as I haven't made any typos): string xml File = @"C:\tmp\testxml\Valid.xml"; string xsd File = @"C:\tmp\testxml\DRO.xsd"; var schema = new Xml Schema Collection(); var reader = new File Stream(xml File, File Mode. Read()) // More code removed I'm assuming the error is located in how the xmlns and target Namespace stuff is configured and I've made sure that they match exactly (and that even the case is the same).

Open); var validating = new Xml Validating Reader(reader, Xml Node Type. I also made sure that when I add the schema in my C# the target namespace matches.

by using the event value we can get error type and error position, some of the displayed there.

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