Validating competency

It is a collection of competencies that jointly define successful job performance.

Competency models are widely used in business for defining and assessing competencies within organizations in both hard and soft skills.

ETA undertakes this step with the knowledge that the original developers may have used slightly different terms to indicate a competency--e.g., using the term communication rather than listening and speaking.

Competencies might also be shown on a different tier of the building blocks model than what was indicated in the original material--e.g.

This is of particular concern in the increasingly globalised and multinational workforces which exist in many health care institutions.

This paper describes an educational initiative, and the evaluation thereof, which aimed to validate and enhance nurse competency in a multinational workforce in a medical city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

OVERVIEW Competency models have emerged as valuable tools employed by human resources and training departments to define skill and knowledge requirements of specific jobs, to assess competencies and performances, and help set business strategy.

The models can be created for specific jobs, job groups, occupations, industries and organizations.

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Another reason for the growing popularity of competency models is their role in revealing strengths and weaknesses, which benefit the training function.

Strategies to ensure that nursing competence is maintained and validated are of increasing importance and are much discussed in the nursing literature.

Professional bodies, employers, nurses themselves and most importantly patients need to have reassurance that competence across the profession is uniform and is maintained.

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DEFINITION A competency model is a framework for defining the skill and knowledge requirements of a job.

Focus groups' members representing high growth/high demand industry sectors were selected based on: To ensure acceptance by the target community of users, the behaviors associated with the competencies identified in the framework should be those that are important for successful job performance.

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