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Changes in version 20:* Added checkbox to Key Signature and Custom Time Signature dialogs to allow changes to apply to all tracks.* Enhanced Track/Merge menu - it includes an option to merge all enabled tracks, and supports filtering out short notes.* Added a Zoom control to the TAB viewer.

Problems fixed in this version:* Since version 20, the View / Lyrics menu would sometimes not cause lyrics to be visible.* More VST-Instruments are now supported, including the Korg M1 Le.* Works well with more VST-Instrument Editors.* Other minor problems.

Problems fixed in version 20:* This version now supports more VST-Instruments.* When a track was assigned to a VST-Instrument, composing by playing notes on an external keyboard.

was not causing the notes to be echoed by the VST-Instrument.* File / Print / Score Options would incorrectly report an error in version 20.* File / Save would sometimes warn that two tracks had different time signatures, but would not correctly report what the time signatures were.* FX button / Properties / Save Presets button would incorrectly report an error.* In Percussion staff editor, in version 20, addint a new drum to the palette would incorrectly report an error.* File / Repair Song was sometimes removing the wrong redundant pitch bend events.* Since version 20, File/Export Mixed Audio was doing nothing.* Metronome was sometimes not working properly.* Added View / Options / Make Anvil Studio my . Changes in version 20:* Improved the Equalizer effect.* With Pro-Mix accessory installed, VST-Instruments support automation of effect parameters.* View / Track Automation's Control selector adds new buttons that: Show the next control that has been modified, Reset Automation for: all tracks, current track, a selected effect, a selected parameter of an effect.* Problems fixed in this version:* When a VST-Instrument was added by pressing the FX column, it was not echoing entered notes when composing.* Several other bugs were fixed.

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a half note starts at beat 1 and quarter note starts at beat 2, the half note is displayed as 2 tied quarter notes.* Audio samples can be dragged from Windows Explorer folders to the staff editor and dragged right/left within the staff editor.* Audio files can also be dragged to Audio editor and piano roll's Edit Samples window.* Added support for Locrian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian modes to the existing Major and Minor keys.* With the Pro-Mix accessory, if you right-click Edit Midi Effects and select Pitch Bend, and set the checkbox Reset pitchbend at the end of the note, it now works better.* When using Note Properties to change the duration for a range of notes, it was shifting following notes.* Using the Lengthen/Shorten note shortcuts keys now works better when operating on a selection of multiple notes.* Fixed several other bugs.Changes in version 20:* The free version of Anvil Studio now includes access to a single VST-Instrument.This provides a wealth of new sounds and overcomes latency problems with the Microsoft GS Wavetable synthesizer.* With the Pro-Mix accessory a song can play to several VST-Instruments and MIDI Out ports at the same time.* The free version supports audio sample rates up to 48,000 samples per second.* With Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory, it supports sample rates as high as your soundcard supports, up to 192,000 samples per second.* View / Options / General can now assign Ctrl V to shortcuts, e.g.Changes in version 20:* When dragging notes from the palette to the staff, as the mouse is moved left and right, a box at the top of the window tells the time where the note will be inserted.* The staff displayed when --no grid-- is changed has been improved.* A more useful message is displayed when an error occurs while using VST-Instruments.Changes in version 20:* Added splitter bars and scroll bars to Piano Roll editor to make it easier to resize panels and scroll to desired notes within the panel.* Increased the maximum volume of samples when played back in a song.* For tracks played by a VST-Instrument, changing the track's Pan/Volume now has an effect even if the VST-Instrument does not respond Pan/Vol MIDI Events.* MIDI effects parameters can now be edited within a loop with Pro-Mix.* Added a Lock Score checkbox to the Piano Roll / Rhythm editor.* Problems fixed in this version:* When using the Audio editor's Filter / Change Volume, if the selection was made right-to-left instead of left-to-right, it was not altering the correct selection.Changes in version 20:* Added Chord Builder tool to the staff editor.* Insert tempo changes at the current song position by clicking the Tempo icon at the top of the screen.* Made several minor improvements to the staff editor.

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