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If only the Xbox 360 had the audio capbilities of the PS3 plus Blu-Ray. The HT-S5200 can be had at some online retailers for under 0.

But if only the PS3 had the games and online service of Xbox! I think there's a good deal at New Egg right now (not sure if I can mention that).

Room for upgrade with that is to get a new reciever and Blu-ray, then I can upgrade the speakers. Dealing with everything else is rather difficult when moving around every 9 or 3 months not living in that spot where everything is for 1 month.

I guess I can just try and save up for the next 2-4 years to get some better equipment when I finish school.

you don't really want to have your blu-ray player built into the system or you'll find yourself having to buy a whole new system in a couple of years. The new Onkyo TC-160 receiver (which is what you get with the HT-S7200) can be had for around 0 on special sale at 6th Ave Electronics right now (or 9 at New Egg with the i Pod dock). In fact, you do not even need to use speakers '6' and '7' if you choose with no difference.

It will allow you to either go with the prepackaged Onkyo speaker package (about 0) down the line, or build your own speaker setup, which will make a lot of people on here happy. Some systems even allow you to put '6' and '7' above your Left and Right front speakers for a 'height' effect, but the reviews are mixed for this.

Hope you can an optical digital cable you should be able to connect your console and get at least some dolby virtual surround sound!

and set up 'price alerts' for the systems you're interested in.

Luckily, I didn't have the money at the time and was able to do more research before buying.

The main problem with the SC-BT series is that it's essentially a blu-ray player with 8 speakers.

I recently purchased a Panasonic SC-BT300 because it was on sale and well under my budget.

However, to my dismay when I brought it home it only had one HDMI port which obviously goes to the tv.

For more money you can get the HT-S6200 or the upgraded HT-S7200 (tallboy speakers and more connectivity).

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