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That 76-yard completion equalled the amount of passing yards Chayce Crouch has on the entire day.South Florida 47, Illinois 15 (Q4, ): The Bulls punch a field goal through the uprights to go up by 32.Flowers connects with running back D’Ernest Johnson for a 17-yard score, Flowers’ third of the game, to put South Florida up by four touchdowns.This continues an impressive offensive run for South Florida, dating back to last season.

Illinois 0, South Florida 0 (Q1, ): Chase Mc Laughlin kicks it off and we are finally underway.South Florida 6, Illinois 2 (Q1, ): South Florida defensive tackle Deadrin Senat was flagged for targeting on Illinois quarterback Chayce Crouch.The play was reviewed and upheld, disqualifying Senat from the game.South Florida 16, Illinois 9 (Q2, ): The Illini are back in it!Running back Mike Epstein rumbles for a 45-yard score, brining Illinois back within a touchdown.The play before the touchdown run was also the first time the Illini have crossed midfield during the contest.

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