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UC Berkeley sex scandals: Record expose rampant violations By Katy Murphy, Thomas Peele, Julia Prodis Sulek and Jason Green, Staff writers San Jose Mercury News Posted: Tue Apr 05 MDT 2016 BERKELEY — A trove of investigative and disciplinary documents released by UC Berkeley in the midst of an unfolding sexual harassment scandal reveals 19 employees — including six faculty members — were found to be in violation of the university’s sexual misconduct policies since 2011.

The records — obtained Tuesday by this newspaper in response to a Public Records Act request filed in November — bring to light 11 new cases that had not been disclosed during the recent high-profile revelations that tarnished a renowned astronomy professor, a vice chancellor, the dean of the law school and Cal’s assistant basketball coach.

Wong was not criminally charged because the student filed an anonymous complaint, which investigators found to be true. One of the staff members fired for making inappropriate sexual comments to his subordinates said it’s no surprise that faculty members caught up in the scandal have been given lighter punishments.

“It’s easier for them to let us go, the staff members.

UC President Janet Napolitano last month ordered that Fleming be removed from that and any other administrative positions, but Fleming remains on the chemistry faculty.In one email, according to the documents, he attached a photo of whipped cream and handcuffs and asked what she was doing for Valentine’s Day.Anderson was given a notice of intent to dismiss and subsequently resigned, according to the university. Blake Wentworth, an assistant professor in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, made an “unwelcome, sexual advance” to a grad student in 2015, according to documents.“We want everything to be examined, up to and including how discipline is imposed and whether indeed there are disparities of how discipline is imposed based on the status of the accused,” Mogulof said. We know we must do a better job.” Astronomer Geoff Marcy received a warning last year despite the university’s finding that he had serially harassed students over nearly a decade.Former law school dean Sujit Choudhry received a 10 percent pay cut but was initially allowed to keep his position after he was found to have sexually harassed his executive assistant.The cases involving employees interacting with students, included: In sexually explicit emails last fall, Howard D’abrera, an adjunct professor in the Statistics Department, invited a student to Hawaii for a “dirty smoke-filled weekend of unadulterated guilty pleasure and sins,” according to the report.

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