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Are you all playing a guessing game about him or are you telling us that you have a humongous dick that has gone up into the priest's ass? He said that when he was a brother he wasn't aware of gay sex going on per se, but definitely knew who of his fellow brothers were gay.BUT - once he left, a couple of his priests friends started inviting him to these super-secret dinners.I was young when we dated and I swore off sex for a while after him.The guy I worked with used to live next door to an RC priest who was in charge of the church's charity finances.A few months after I returned to the US, I got a drunken phone call from the same a bi/gay younger married man with a child, i would love to meet a real gay priest 20s-30s who is looking for someone to know and love deeply, but not feel threatened. He was a seminarian in the 70s at a monastery in DC. He said one of the priests who was a supervisor was gay and had a lover who hung out at the monastery.[quote]He was a seminarian in the 70s at a monastery in DC. He said one of the priests who was a supervisor was gay and had a lover who hung out at the monastery. It was known in church circles that Brooklyn Bishop Francis Mugavero, who permitted Dignity masses, was gay. Shortly before his retirement, "Mugs" was forced by Archbishop John Cardinal O'Connor to eject there a way to make contact with bi or gay priests, without putting them or me in danger of exposure? Most of the lower level divinity studies feature Brothers as instructors. When I was in my early 20s, I got a job working on a college campus in my home town in Minnesota.

We did not undress, he pulled his pants down in front of a mirror and wanted me to fuck him then and there. From the "Your whoriest moment" thread: In the late 80s, I had sex in the upper section (business class) of a 747 flying from JFK to Rome, Italy.The head of the Franciscan Friary here was rather horrid - he would take money from the order and the parish the friary was at and pay for his boyfriends' apartments and travel, including outside the country.My seminarian boyfriend left soon after, and ended up being a confused and dishonest ass.One day I broke down and told him I was gay and his response was surprisingly positive for a young priest with pretty conservative views.Our friendship continued to develop and we spent a good deal of time with each other.He married, then divorced and lived a gay life with a partner, but always was dishonest in it. Years ago a friend's bf was a guy who attended a seminary in NY state. He told me that there was so much sex going on there that it actually drove him out, since he wasn't ready to come to terms with himself. Some Greek Rite churches report up to Pope Benedict, and yet allow priests to marry. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 2001 and was appointed pastor of a church in Hollywood, Florida.

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