The dating game tv show theme song

I created this sing-along team competition when I noticed how much fun friends and family have singing theme songs from their past, how well they remember the lyrics, and how much they enjoy the nostalgia.Singing these songs together is sure to strengthen “Family Ties”; so get everyone out of separate circles — your parents, grandparents, kids, grandkids — because “Family Matters!If they could sing it (as a group), they got one point.If they hit it out of the park — in other words, animated and loud — they got two points by the appointed judges. Most often they were so good they got the two points for the team — they were out to win!Click on each of the photos for a closer look at the centerpiece, favors and “themed” snacks.Those sitting at the tables were invited to bring the items home at the end of the night as their memento of the fun evening.

Plus, they also get a chance of their own with a new song.Following a casual dinner of salad and calzones, we played a competitive round of table trivia, based on each table’s TV show; then we divided the room in half for a competitive Sing-Off of TV theme songs.Songs were chosen at random from a box decorated like an old TV set.These days, maybe more than ever, we need a little escapism and more time with each other, face-to-face, having fun.The “TV Theme Sing-Along Party” (plus trivia) is guaranteed to stir up a –Party favor and trivia ideas –Creative scorekeeping –Music suggestions …of which make for a magical TV Theme Sing-Along Party that will keep your guests happily rooted in another time and place…their “friends”! A tale of a fateful trip That started from this tropic port Aboard this tiny ship. I’ve saved the best for last as this is my personal on this site.

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