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Through innovation, acquisition and the power of so-called ‘network effects,’ these modern-day conglomer­ates have built dominant, industry-controlling brands that continue to gain value as their huge user bases expand.The digital age has witnessed data evolve into the most important commodity in the world, and much of the suc­cess of these large tech companies is due to the ever-widening ‘data moat’ that exists between them and up-and-comers lacking that established network of bil­lions of existing customers.The stock market is shrinking in terms of the number of publicly-traded companies, a fact that is both a result of, and contributing factor to, the increasing importance of a select few, large companies.

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Linaro notes the board currently supports Android Open Source Project with the AOSP 4.4 kernel.It’s no wonder these disrupting forces are raking in the profits and the cash.The success of the mega-cap stocks has not only pro­duced extraordinary profits, but it has also left the big tech companies with unprecedented levels of cash.The five aforementioned tech firms alone spent 0 billion last year on research and development (three times more than half a decade ago).These firms are definitely investing in the future.Finally, there is an estimated .4 trillion in cash held by U. companies overseas that is just sitting there not contributing much.

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