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It was quite reassuring, as they were responding to my requests to make themselves “known and present.” Last night I went to bed early, as I am still recovering from this huge move I just went through.I ended up getting up sometime around ish on and looked out the window and took a double look. Daniel reports seeing a self-illuminated bright blue colored V or U shaped winged craft visible for about 2 seconds traveling at a velocity of a shooting star in the upper atmosphere in a South West direction.Lo and behold I saw a huge illuminating light, almost like a small sun not too high up in the sky. The original message dated June 12th can be heard here: https:// Vega Star Today, I received this message from Daniel as well: On August 16th 2015 in the early evening hours Daniel was given a tip by his galactic guide to be outside by 11pm. Daniel says this craft should have continued traveling the globe on the same trajectory however it was interrupted and shut down by negative elite forces that would not allow this to continue.It’s unknown how long the craft was visible before it was seen in Daniels line of sight.

Sorry – I have been incognito on posting as of late! Find prices, buying advice, pictures, expert ratings, safety features, specs and price quotes. Here you ll find free access to the drivers you need. Get the latest reviews of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.Unfortunately, those planes took off from their affiliated airports out of New York City, Arlington, and Shanksville with the intention that these passengers would never reach their expected destination.In fact, Lambert Filed in Saint Louis, MO had a bizarre occurrence when the entire airport was shut down that day.So how do we get the movement across the planet that all of you so desire? It must take a spark, and pretty heavy duty one at that. Who better than The Watchers, who have been trained for this time and time and time again. We believe by George (he was being a smart alec) you got it this time!

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