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It's such a pitiful amount of money it's a disgrace.They say you can judge a society by how they treat thier most vulnerable members..And by the way, many disabilities prevent you from walking much, so those people need cars.So you people who think those on SSD shouldn't be able to afford cars are making asses of yourselves. Some 19 year old neanderthal troglodite ran over my Harley.

There's certianly enough money we all pay in taxes that people who are disabled should be given enough to live independently..

As a penioner, that's what they call us, I am entitled to many discounts including Rent, ( a week for a 4 bed house). I currently pay back around 16% of my income in hidden taxes, called GST, on everything I buy, including petrol.

I am paying for my childs education, excursions and other needs, (She comes first). I own a car and I am looking at buying another Bike.

It takes years usually to get benefits, and you can't work during that time.

So, some people depend on the charity of family and friends, and some people become homeless during that time. All for a SSD check that when it finally comes, you can barely live on??

And for those of you who say, "well, if he can drive, he could be a taxi driver." Well, there is the good day/bad day phenomenon I mentioned earlier. Joe Brain Damage, or Apu the hardworking healthy young immigrant? If the person is legitamately disabled, but is doing the best they can within their abilities, I wouldnt fault them for that. I think we should honor these people who sacrafice on our behalf. The unfortuate thing about that, apart from the destruction of my Pride and Joy, was that I was sitting on it at the time. I am also a single parent, caring for my beautiful 13 year old Daughter, (Ok, I am Biased, but what Parent isn't).

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