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A Somali-Australian man, 20, has been arrested after allegedly planning to shoot 'as many people as he could' in Melbourne's Federation Square on New Year's Eve.

Police allege the young Muslim terror suspect had tried to obtain an automatic rifle to carry out the act and was inspired by Al-Qaeda, a radical Islamist group.

The graph above reveals what these proxy records along with modern monitoring reveal about the history of Arctic climate change over the past 1,500 years.

As the report states, the graph illustrates that “the significant post-industrial sea ice decline occurs in concert with significant atmospheric and ocean warming driven by an exponential increase in atmospheric COThis map shows how global temperatures in 2016 differed from those of the early 20th century, before post-industrial-revolution emissions of carbon dioxide began significantly influencing Earth’s climate system.

And the pace of Arctic sea ice loss experienced in the past few decades has not been seen in at least the past 1,450 years.

What’s happening in the far north cannot be explained simply by invoking natural variability, the report concludes.

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The section devoted to comparing today’s observed climate shifts to changes that occurred in the past is based in part on paleoclimate research using what scientists call “proxy records.” These include tree-ring records, and chemical fingerprints locked within cores drilled from ice sheets, lake sediments, and the seafloor.

These proxy records are needed because accurate monitoring of climatic factors extends no farther back than the late 1800s.

He was arrested by specialist officers inside his home in Werribee, in Melbourne's west, on Monday afternoon and taken into police custody for questioning.

The arrest followed raids on his home in Werribee, a relative's house in Meadow Heights and a computer business in nearby Footscray where he worked part-time.

So what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.” That’s true for a number of reasons, including this: Research suggests that Arctic warming is affecting day-to-day weather much farther south — not always pleasantly.

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