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El político critica injustamente, pareciera intenta perdurar como líder de un partido obrero con muy pocos votos, casi en extinción.

usando su enorme inteligencia en canal A24 para intentar convencer que Macri es el culpable de haber sido los argentinos derrotados por el desgobierno durante los años de Cristina kirchner.

Foreign investors routinely take advantage of such currency fluctuations to turn a profit.

“It is sad to see the truth escaping.” Both Muñoz and Kirchner are dead.

In the past, drug dealers and corrupt foreign officials have been busted buying expensive homes in the United States, leading to new federal regulations on money laundering in real estate.

Making a profit The four-bedroom unit at the Regalia sold for the same price paid in 2014, when a company controlled by Muñoz associate Sergio Todisco bought the brand-new condo.

A voice message left at her office Tuesday morning was not returned. The sale will take place between Wednesday and Thursday, a week after the country sold billion of dollar bonds.

The properties still owned by the Argentine network include a bank branch in Miami Shores and luxury condo units in Brickell, Hollywood and Sunny Isles Beach. The bond will yield 2.5 percent above a reference coefficient linked to the inflation rate.


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