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Within, he discussed the possibility of a single player campaign, new vehicles for the game's new and incoming map, and a tribute to '90s comedy show Father Ted.With comments running into the thousands, Greene was inundated with questions but did manage to hit a number of interesting issues—not least adding solo play to the battle royale murder simulator.And from the sublime to the ridiculous: an homage to '90s comedy show Father Ted might be on the cards.When asked if any subtle Irish references are planned down the line, Father Ted, for example, Greene said: "I don't think anyone at home knew that the game-mode was created by an Irishman, and as a result I was never contacted by any local companies.Chat rooms are said to be a website or a service provided for the people who share common interests and wish to socialize themselves with those people.It may look like forums and discussion groups but chat rooms differentiates itself from these on the grounds of topology of messaging.Yahoo directories and MSN chat rooms are the most used websites these days to socialize. Once you are done with the completion of form, you can get connected with the people sharing same interests.

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Chat rooms are healthy to build up the confidence and explore the interest until and unless you are present in the correct chat room.

There are many chat rooms available these days on the internet.

"As to what they are, you'll just have to wait and see."Another feature heading to PUBG is a division and/or placement system, akin to the likes of CS: GO, League of Legends, and the similarly structured H1Z1.

"We do have plans to add systems like this," explains Greene.

Lurking and scrolling are the basic practices performed by the people part of chat rooms.

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