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Believing Christians do not base their faith on relics (authentic or forged).Those unwilling to work at their faith, or who demand tangible, dissectable proof as a requirement for their belief are very rarely, if ever, satisfied and will remain comfortable and complacent in their non-belief.For more of the history of the Shroud, see the links below.

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For interested readers, we recommend these linked online articles that appear to be rigorously researched, and are somewhat lengthy.

However, we found out that the Shroud had been in Constantinople (since the 10th century) and was acquired by those Crusaders who – diverted from their original destination – sacked and occupied Constantinople in 1204 (The Fourth Crusade).

The Shroud had been taken from the city of Edessa in upper Mesopotamia (near the border of modern day Syria and Turkey) by the Byzantine Emporer in 944. That is how the Shroud came to the Byzantine capital of Constantinople (now Istanbul).

The stitching pattern, which she says was the work of a professional, is quite similar to the hem of a cloth found in the tombs of the Jewish fortress of Masada. This kind of stitch has never been found in Medieval Europe.

1988 CARBON-14 TEST REFUTED The 1988 Carbon-14 tests done at Oxford, Zurich and Arizona Labs used pieces of the same sample cut from a corner (lower left of above pictures).1.

Part of the metal storage case melted and fell on the cloth, leaving burns, and efforts to extinguish the fire left water stains. In 1534, nuns sewed patches over the fire-damaged areas and attached a full-size support cloth to the back of the Shroud. The Shroud was moved to Turin in 1578, where it remains to this day.

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