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Simmons wished to keep the old name, while Speer wished to simplify it to Passaic Village. and was incorporated as an independent village on March 21, 1871. The Okonite company owned an industrial site here from 1878 to 1993.It was the company's headquarters and primary manufacturing plant for most of the company's history.Industrial growth began in the 19th century, as Passaic became a textile and metalworking center.A commercial center formed around a wharf ("landing") at the foot of present-day Main Ave.Located north of Newark on the Passaic River, it was first settled in 1678 by Dutch traders, as Acquackanonk Township.The city and river draw their name from the Lenape word "pahsayèk" which has been variously attributed to mean "valley" or "place where the land splits." The city originated from a Dutch settlement on the Passaic River established in 1679 which was called Acquackanonk.Completely renovated apartments, including brand new, fully equipped kitchens - just one of the reasons you'll love your new home at The Passaic Towers.Missouri has been named the most dangerous state in America for online dating.

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The 1926 Passaic Textile Strike led by union organizer Albert Weisbord saw 36,000 mill workers leave their jobs to oppose wage cuts demanded by the textile industry.

This came to be commonly known as Acquackanonk Landing, and the settlement that grew around it became known as the Village of Acquackanonk Landing or simply Acquackanonk Landing Settlement.

and public hall) and Judge Henry Simmons were principals in a political battle over the naming of village. Postmaster General to adopt the name, and hung a Passaic sign at the local railroad depot. Legally, Passaic was formed as an unincorporated village within Acquackanonk Township (now Clifton) on March 10, 1869.

It has been called the first television station to transmit to the home, and was the first such station to broadcast a feature film. Du Mont, formerly De Forest's chief engineer, opened pioneering TV manufacturer Du Mont Laboratories in Passaic in 1937, and started the Du Mont Television Network, the world's first commercial television network, in 1946.

In 1992, the voters of Passaic Township in Morris County voted to change the name of their municipality to Long Hill Township, to avoid confusion between the City of Passaic and the largely rural community 22 miles (35 km) away, as well as association with the more urban city.

Researchers looked at statistics from all 50 states and ranked the Show Me State dead last. "I don’t know if it’s surprising for the whole state but at least for like Kansas City and St.

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