Samsung software home theatre updating


Designed into a PC, Dolby Home Theater v4 first applies processing that fixes any problems with the source material.It then fixes playback issues by compensating for mechanical constraints of the PC itself.Movies, television and videos nearly all utilize one of the following sound standards: Dolby Digital Sound, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby True HD or DTS.This home theater is optimized for every single one.The logical locations for these speakers in a room are usually intuitive.If you're having trouble discerning where each speaker should go, consult Samsung's Feng Shui Your Setup page on its website to get a better idea of which speakers carry which channels and the optimum place to put them in the room.You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.In every category we review, there are always a few products that stand out over competition.

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This home theater provides 3D active-shutter glasses. Therefore, you can watch movies like "Avatar" in all their 3D glory.

Nearly any media device designed and built in the last 30 years in compatible with the Samsung Smart Home Theater HT-D6730W.

This is largely due to this home theater's vast connectivity array.

Of all the sources the Samsung Smart Home Theater HT-D6730W draws video from, the most forward thinking is the home theater's internet-streaming options.

We are quickly moving into a world where silver discs are dying and content is migrating to the cloud.

Because Dolby engineers custom-tune each PC model that includes Dolby Home Theater v4, the audio processing ensures that you enjoy optimal sound for the specific combination of speakers and amplifier in your PC.

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