Ryan higa dating tarynn

There is not much information about his personal life over the internet though.

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The resulting Film was “Sean’s not so Excellent Adventure” released in 2008.I suppose that is why she is no longer in his videos.He was dating Tarynn Nago but they had to break up because he moved to Nevada for college but that's not the point!I think he is currently dating his fellow co-star in Agents of Secret Stuff, the beautiful Arden Cho! What they (Nigahiga, Kev Jumba) say, wouldn't really hurt someone?As of the posting of this answer, Ryan Higa's newest video was Fruit Ninja Fail, which explains what happened to his face during a filming session. I mean, if I'm the one who stinks so badly, then I'm only glad hes (Ryan H.) telling me what to do about it! Bus sadly in late 2010 she broke up relation, because alleged him as a gay.

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