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I never understood those who thought that Ryan and Crowe were anything other than a fling.

I remember all the publicity at the time as there was a huge buzz about "Gladiator" and lots of pictures, etc.

DOesn't matter to me how the media brought this story.

The media knew they were lying AND they knew Quaid was a cheater (and a boozer) but they knew that story would not sell, so they turned it around.

What I do recall is seeing photos of Dennis Quaid dancing on some table in some Spanish nightclub.

I recall when Taylor Hackford was asked if it would appear as an extra on the DVD, he said "No, it would not. R14 is on the money, if the buzz around my town is correct. Quaid didn't suffer professionally because his affairs was not tabloid fodder.Meg insisted."And, yes, I know way, way too much about all this, but since this is old news, there might still be someone here who actually worked on that film. The Ryan-Quaid marriage ended because of Quaid's endless cheating ways. Ryan looked like a whore for cheating on her spouse so publically.Quaid not only cheated on Ryan for like 5 whole years. Of course, his current wife does not mind just as long as she can keep using his platinum credit-card ;-) Sorry, Quaid's was the bad person there, not Meg Ryan or Crowe.It seemed to me that it was Ryan sending a clear message to Quaid that she was with the new hot actor.As for Crowe, he had long been talking about having kids and was adamant about living in Australia.And the life he's chosen to live since then follows that path.

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