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Several features differentiate the African situation. Those include greater diversity in cropping pattern including a historically larger and more widespread tropical commodity export sector.

The physical infrastructure in rural Africa is far inferior to that of most Asian countries.

Many British farmers are experiencing ‘Regrexit’ over fears they may lose agricultural subsidies, the Earl of Sandwich has told Parliament.

"At the moment, 73 per cent of the UK’s total agri-food exports are to other EU countries," she said.As in Asia, the bulk of accelerated agricultural growth will come from small commercial farmers.They have sufficient farm income to reach or exceed the poverty level.This conference exists today as a two-day educational forum that features tours, panel discussions, interactive demonstrations and concurrent workshops.The theme for this years conference is “Solving Common Problems in Uncommon Ways: Sustainable Innovation for the People” These sessions address emerging issues surrounding small farmers, farm families and rural communities.A large and increasing proportion of agricultural growth in Africa must come from continuous gains in land productivity in areas of high population density and hence with already relatively high yields.

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