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Several months ago, the Women’s Services and Resources Office at Brigham Young University surveyed thousands of female students to learn the types of training and resources the young women most desired.The survey’s data doubled as a sign of the times in the Church.That many have gained fluency in a foreign language, as well as cultural fluency, adds to their "marketability." As returned missionaries, these young men and women are frequently called to assist in the local missionary effort and are encouraged to stay active within the Church through callings and service.RMs who served in the same mission frequently stay in touch and gather for mission reunions held in Salt Lake City to coincide with the semiannual General Conference.W Pinnock Hanging Out, Hooking Up, and Celestial Marriage – Bruce A. Chadwick Guidelines for Choosing the Right Spouse – Thomas B. So during the ongoing fall semester, her office offered post-mission transition workshops on campus.The weekly gatherings were designed to assist BYU students — but workshops coordinator Malissa Richardson agreed that the principles taught at each workshop are applicable to young returned sister missionaries anywhere in the world.

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Her friend and fellow returned missionary, Esperanza Dotto, agreed — adding it's a challenge realizing the level of personal consecration found in the mission field.

Other stereotypes revolve around the fact that as Mormon missionaries, they lived highly structured, disciplined lives and avoided contact with members of the opposite sex, so many RMs have difficulty readjusting to social life and dating.

Other stereotypes include the supposed rush of many RMs to get married as soon as possible.

Here we have compiled some of our favorite LDS dating talks and resources other church resources about dating from the leadership of the Church and BYU devotionals. Robbins Living Worthy of the Girl You will Someday – Marry Gordon B. Kimball The Reflection in the Water – Dieter F Uchtdorf Dating a Time to Become Best Friends – John D.

These are great references for answers to questions on dating, super spiritual, as well as pretty entertaining. Hinkley Preparation Brings Blessings -President Thomas S. Claybough A Gospel of Relationships – Marleen Williams Why Marriage and Family Matter – Everywhere in the World – Elder L.

Prior to the Church’s 2012 policy change allowing women to begin serving missions at age 19, there were not sizable numbers of female undergraduates at BYU who had served missions.

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