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The new solenoid has a single spool assembly that is manufactured in-house by Eclipse and which serves the dual purpose of controlling the position of the bolt and the supply into the firing chamber during the firing cycle.

Driven by a custom SMC pilot valve that is significantly over-rated for this application means the solenoid is robust and durable enough to handle the very worst conditions paintball could throw at it.

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Running at a mere 3V, the CS1’s advanced industry-leading electronics achieve better performance from AA batteries than the previous GEO did from 9V batteries.

The combination of increased battery efficiency and the switch to AA’s means that not only have the running costs of the CS1 been significantly reduced, but it will run off the same battery-type as all current high-end loaders.

Not just a facelift of a previous generation but a complete rework of the platform. Gone are the disjointed and disconnected collection of components found on other markers.

Before delving into the technical innovation that has gone into the CS1 just take a minute and look at the aesthetic beauty of this groundbreaking new marker; at how every component has been designed and manufactured to run seamlessly into the next.

From the SL5 regulator air is fed through the frame and directly into the all-new ISCIS3 (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) solenoid assembly.You can choose your language settings from within the program.Honey igazi tehetsége hamar megmutatkozik, és karrierje üstökösként ível fel: nemsokára már ő koreografálja a nagy hip-hop sztárok klipjeit.And because every component barring the pilot is now manufactured in-house we have been able to make it completely user-serviceable - not that it should ever need it.From there, the new ISCIS3 solenoid feeds air into the next generation IVCore drivetrain assembly.The air doesn’t travel through any bodywork first, and all gas transfer ports between components (POPS, frame and ISCIS3 solenoid) use enclosed and captured gaskets rather than cheap o-ring face seals.

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