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This is the life cycle of the Monarch ( The egg is a tiny, round, oval, or cylindrical object, usually with fine ribs and other microscopic structures.The female attaches the egg to leaves, stems, or other objects, usually on or near the intended caterpillar food.It is the reproductive and mobile stage for the species.The adults undergo courtship, mating, and egg-laying.Seeing this, Sita indicated that she had chosen Rama as her husband by putting a garland around his neck.

However, as Rama picked it up, he not only strung the bow, he broke it.

Because of an oath Dasharatha had made to her years before, she got the king to agree to banish Rama for fourteen years and to crown Bharata, even though the king pleaded with her not to demand such a request.

The devastated King could not face Rama and it was Queen Kaikeyi who told Rama the King’s decree.

The other two were twins, Lakshmana and Shatrughna whose mother was Sumithra.

In the neighboring city the ruler’s daughter was named Sita.

After Rama and Lakshmana left, Ravana appeared as a holy man begging alms.

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