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A fairly well formed track, with some boulder hopping required, this sloping track leads up to some spectacular views of the Rob Roy Glacier.

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Fantastic views of the lake and the surrounding hillside.

A walk into Aspiring Hut will take around 2-3 hours but once there, a whole array of tramps open up and can be day walks from Aspiring Hut or overnight tramps, making it a great base for trampers.

Aspiring Hut was built in 1949 and is managed by the Department of Conservation (Do C).

From Bremner Bay, you can reach Beacon Point by following the shoreline to Penrith Beach.

From here are some great views of the lake and mountains.

Enquire about the excellent selection of guided walks at local visitor information centres and, for those wishing to tramp independently in the National Park, enquiries need to be made at the Department of Conservation (DOC) offices.

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