Qualities to look for in a dating partner who is beverly johnson dating


MC: Do you feel like the study is a good indication that we should give someone we're not 100 percent attracted to a second chance?

GL: When forming an initial impression of looks, it is 100 percent physical.

The person you marry shouldn’t give you ultimatums like, “I won’t date you until you get a promotion,” or “If you go out with your friends, I’ll break up with you.” There shouldn’t be rules to your relationship that prohibit you from doing certain things or hold you back from being who you are.Think of this, instead, as the list Rihanna’s friends gave to her after she broke up with Chris Brown… Despite this suspicious feeling that writing this list will guarantee my future as a spinster, here are the 20 qualities you should look for in the person you marry: Regardless if you believe in Satan or sprinkles, your partner should have respect for your views.Believing in the same things -- like Beyoncé as a religion, or coffee as a morning non-negotiable -- brings you two closer.We all know that men are attracted to attractive women.But we might have been wrong about what exactly they're responding to.Since men tend to focus more on physical features, anything women can do to broaden men's impression formation to other areas would be smart.

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