Precaution before updating bios

These safety tips should be added to your weekly laptop maintenance routine and will help you stay productive and safe no matter where you are working.

Adjusting your power options will help your laptop from heating up when not in use even if for short periods of time.

Press F12, then Select "USB Storage Device" and Boot to DOS prompt.6.

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Note 2: Please make sure you suspend Bit Locker encryption before updating BIOS on a Bit Locker enabled system.

Während der Aktualisierung wird Ihr Computer neu gestartet und Ihnen wird kurzzeitig ein schwarzer Bildschirm angezeigt.

Fixes- Resolved an Intel SSD detection issue during the Dell e PSA diagnostic process. When the File Download window appears, click Save to save the file to your hard drive.

Power on the system, then Press F12 key and Select "USB Storage Device" and Boot to DOS prompt.3.

Run the file by typing copied file name where the executable is located. DOS System will auto restart and update BIOS while system startup screen. After BIOS update finished, system will auto reboot to take effect.

What does it mean and what should I do next from now to complete my bios update, thank you very much.

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