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By the mid-17th century, performers wandered more freely and became common sights on street corners and at festivals across Europe.Sword swallowing began to die out in Europe and Scandinavia in the late 1800s, when variety shows were formally outlawed in Sweden in 1893.Density Density = M/V Units = g/ml or g/cm3 To find the density of a rock Use a triple beam balance to find mass in grams Use water displacement to find the volume Calculation is mass divided by volume Density (cont.) An apple-sized piece of gold will have the same density as a piece of gold the size of a truck As the temperature of an object increases, the density will decrease.Convection currents—warm material rises and cold material sinks Cold water sinks in warm water because it is more dense Even More Density Adding dissolved solids to material will also cause the density to increase Salt in ocean water causes ocean water to be more dense than fresh water A hydrometer is an instrument that measures density of liquids.Review for the Performance exam on Wednesday, June 9th -- Ellipses, Rocks and minerals, and Earthquakes. Please complete the January 2009 Regents in the back of your AMSCO book. Review for the Performance exam -- Ellipses, Rocks and minerals, and Earthquakes3. You must do so in order to sit for the Regents exam.. In AMSCO, begin by reading about Igneous Rocks and answer the questions that follow. Mc Dougal Littell (textbook) -- Read p.104-107 on the identification of minerals. Do Q1-3 on p.102 in your notebook in full sentences for tomorrow.2. Do Q1-5 on p.107 in your notebook in full sentences for tomorrow.2. Relative Age Self-Design Quiz Students use relative age principles to describe the processes that formed a geologic profile, draw the profile as an answer key, and give their "quiz" to another student.Students use a teacher designed rubric to score their quiz.

When it is noon here, what time will it be in London? Finish Worksheet (Geological History of New York State) that was distributed at the end of class. 79 - 82 Q 38 - 49AMSCO What Drives the Tectonic Plates p. AMSCO New York and the Ice Ages p.117-120 Q 1 - 16. Use your many review sheets, the AMSCO text, and AMSCO HWs! 10 Practice Questions (7 multiple choice plus open ended graphing. There will be a test on Tuesday, May 11th on: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition and Stream Deposition, Groundwater, and Glaciers.

Look at all the different types of images that can be generated too on the Earth and Moon Viewer. Please complete the June 2009 (I know that I originally wrote August. Bring your textbook on Tuesday, June 1st to be returned.2. Use your many review sheets, the AMSCO text, and AMSCO HWs! The 4 additional AMSCO sections on rocks will be assigned next week.

I will give you credit for completing either and accept questions from either at review sessions) Regents in the back of your AMSCO book. Note where you have difficulty and bring your questions to the open review sessions.2. You must do so in order to sit for the Regents exam.. I strongly encourage you to be begin this reading and answering of questions and not save it for next week, as additional textbook homework will be assigned next week. Mc Dougal Littell (textbook) -- Read p.96-102 on the formation of minerals.

According to the 1981 Census, their population was 141,374.

They call themselves Pandava Doras or Pandava Rajas.

Regents Questions Here are regents questions for Earth's History.

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