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Most of my experience has been with cross-dressers or guys experimenting with gender play. So anything within the bi-umbrella (pan, polysexual, omni, etc.) is completely lost on them. If there is another polysexual out there that is struggling and needs help, I recommend searching bi-groups for a support structure.Society absolutely doesn’t comprehend my sexuality. I’ve only come out since October, so I’m still figuring this out. They are the most understanding.’ MALE, 25, LOS ANGELES, CA, USA ‘I’m equally attracted to several kinds of people.And like anyone else, I date, fuck and love whoever I want and spend the rest of the time trying to figure it all out.’ ‘’POLYSEXUALITY is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior toward multiple genders and/or sexes’’ Polysexuality is not to be confused with ‘polyamorous’. It’s the difference between who you love and how you love (polyamorous means multiple romantic or sexual relationships at the same time).I interviewed a polysexual female who said: ‘I might be polysexual, but I can still be monogamous.’ Unlike bisexuals, polysexuals aren’t solely interested in males and females.As a result, they are less visible and certain misconceptions arise.In the past, gay circles have dismissed bisexuality as this transient intermediate phase in adolescence where someone who is really gay first identifies as a bisexual before making the conversion to militant homosexual.And I’ve enjoyed wonderful relationships with both genders. It hasn’t enjoyed as much exposure over the recent years as the gay and lesbian communities.

I don’t believe that sexual identity influences them.

Mostly to genetic, transgender and intersex women, and the occasional guy. Polysexuality is a relatively new label and from what I can tell, not many people know about it yet.

Discussing it with others, I’ve found that while some comprehend and accept it, some simply don’t and write you off as being “confused.” But trust me, it took a lot of deliberate thought to get to where I [am] adopting this label as my own.

I’d say the label itself is not a central part of my life.

I don’t plan on joining a “Polysexual Pride” group anytime soon, if they even exist.

Attending high school, sitting in class, learning about society and having your teacher explain what a ‘pansexual’ is?

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