Plus size reality dating show


After the first night, there are no makeup artists on retainer, no professional blowouts available.

Contestants are responsible for keeping their manicures, pedicures, bikini lines, and hair color on point.

"It's an all-American look, a wholesome look," says Franklin A.

Rose, a plastic surgeon in Houston who happens to be Erica's father.

The show's look is friendly and accessible—something a fashion-savvy high-school girl could put together by next weekend.

"It's the reason my website works," says Weiss.

But how is she expected to fill those suitcases on her personal budget as an elementary-school teacher, a bridal-shop consultant, or a student? Maynard was 19 and pregnant when her fiancé, NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, died in a plane crash.

"It used to be all about Bebe and Express," says Weiss, naming two chains where a woman making ,000 a year could put together enough ensembles. Hendrick's wealthy family stepped in to support her and her daughter, Ricki.

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Even if the women didn't start their season looking like cookie-cutter versions of one another, the mechanics of filming—two dozen women in a house with lots of booze and free time, and not much of anything else—make a certain similarity practically inevitable.

Her hair, whether purchased or homegrown, will be long and straight, blown out sleekly.

If she's got tattoos, they will be easily concealed in an evening gown.

So when Maynard came on the show as a 25-year-old single mother, she brought a wardrobe that included Prada shoes and Chloé bags well beyond the reach of typical competitors.

Additional carefully chosen pieces came from Forever 21 and other chain stores. Having less-expensive pieces tailored to fit perfectly and pairing them with classic, real-deal accessories.) "Emily was a game changer," Weiss said.

The game itself also helps to ensure that every would-be bachelorette continues to fit into the same viewer-friendly box.

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