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"But it's hard not to think about him." "That's the other thing you can do while you're waiting.It's fine to think about Bill, but you should do it in a way that will help draw him closer, not further away. " The vast majority of the calls I get in my psychic advisor practice are for love and relationship advice.There was the usual concern that something might have happened to him and he couldn't contact her.For instance, maybe he'd been so upset after their argument that he got into a car accident on the way home.After I shared these psychic activities with Shirley, it took her a little time to master them."They sound easy enough, but it's hard not to start crying when I look at pictures of his face staring back at me," she told me one day when she was frustrated with the exercises."First, remember that simply because you're hoping your guy will call doesn't mean the rest of your life has to stop.Keep busy so you won't have time to obsess about what Bill is doing.

So she did, but moments after pressing "send," she thought of something she'd forgotten to say. On the upside, she said, she only called him ten times that day and didn't text at all. By this point, Shirley's anger was being replaced by worry.

"That first day I was just really pissed off," Shirley told me.

"The more I tried to contact him, and the more he ignored me, the angrier I got." The next day, she tried a different approach.

Tonight, Shirley told me that this recent fight was different.

The day after it, she called him twenty-three times and texted him twenty, but he didn't respond.

These activities are extremely powerful ways to communicate psychically with your man.

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