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First up was the Pump Room, a bizarre, glitzy microbrewery. Less a pub than a few tables outside a bar that had no interior.We tried the Scottish Ale and Summer Ale (guest beer). The most Irish thing about it was The Corrs song they played once.Gayle had Garlic Pollock while I went for the Swordfish Collars. Tuesday, and we wandered up Orchard Road which is the main shopping drag.There are more than 30 shopping malls in Singapore and a big chunk of them are here along with stand alone shops sandwiched between.It was well worth the effort before we headed back to the hotel to wait out the afternoon heat.Most curious of our observations were three tower blocks in the distance linked by what looked like the hull of a ship laying across the roofs of all three, with trees growing on it. Evening proved a little more manageable heatwise and we went back to Clarke Quay about 7pm.Double that by two or three shifts, multiply it by the number of international terminals, then multiply it again by the number of airports handling international flights and you’ll get the picture next time the issue hits the front pages.Anyway, we were at Singapore Changi airport on time. They had won best hotel awards 20 and were determined to let everyone know.

For those interested in stuff to do with immigration, Australia operates embarkation controls.

It’s quite odd as you will find a mall jam-packed with tiny electronics shops, clothes stalls and tailors right next to Gucci and the like and the road goes on for what seems an eternity.

The one thing you can guarantee is that in every mall there is a massive aircon system which we repeatedly availed ourselves of when the heat and humidity got too much.

The early evening heat was building again so it was a perfect time to stop off at the Penny Black Victorian Pub which it wasn’t but at least it sold beer.

We watched the world go by for an hour or two (Circular Quay is a popular after work dining area) then went back towards the hotel via the Brotzeit German Bier Bar (almost as extortionate as Raffles) and O’Gambino’s Irish Italian Bar (no joke, no explanation, not Irish, not Italian).

Nearly 8pm by the time we had checked in we set out to find “Little India”.

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