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Some aggressive drivers around the country who do not appreciate the attention have made obscene signals, while others shouted at them, and another has even threatened to smash their £300 cameras, the pair claim.

Privacy: 'They complain that we're invading their privacy but we're not interested in them - it's their buses we are photographing.

The reason you didnt see this in the echo isbecause NOTHING HAPPENED. Have you actually done anythingabout this besides ramble about it on theinternet? Why was your first instinct, on seeinga girl in troubel, was to take a picture andpost it on your blog weeks later? ‘Like they had done things like this many times before, and almost didn’t have to think. Yeah, I think the police might have done thatonce or twice before. I don’t think it’s alright to write peoplethree messages, with questions/comments. Erik Ribsskog What on earth do you mean ‘raped in someway’? And are you seriously suggesting that severalpolicemen sexually assaulted someone in fullview of the public in a busy city centresimply for the sake of it?

Some drunk girljust got stopped and dealt with by thepolice. Your post is full of phrases like ‘it seems’and ‘maybe’ and ‘i couldnt understand’because you dont know and youve madeassumptions on what happened, or maybe whatyou would have liked to have happened to fitin with some of the other subjects on yourblog. Like I’ve written twice already, in thethread that seems to have disappeared.

Earlier this month, it emerged that inmates at the UK's biggest and newest prison, HMP Berwyn, in Wrexham, will have a laptop as well as a phone, shower and toilet.

The laptops will not have access to the internet but will be used to arrange visits, order meals for the week and do weekly shopping, as well as complete any work related to their studies.

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You make a LOT ofassumptions and I bet most of them are wrongbecause you DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

Last year he posted a photo captioned: 'Eazzzzzzy Dayyzzz'.

The Scottish Prison Service said: 'Possessing a mobile phone in prison is a criminal offence.'If we receive information that prisoners are in possession of such devices, we will take all appropriate action and report it to the relevant authorities.'Speaking after Mc Cready last posted comments online, Jon's sister Lisa, 27, questioned how the killer was able to access social media sites from behind bars. The authorities clearly aren’t doing their jobs properly.'Scotland's prisons watchdog said last week that criminals should have phones installed in their jail cells so they can chat to friends and family.

And there is ALWays loads of police inmatthew street at night.

Thepolice in liverpool do not go around rapinggirls in the middle of Matthew Street.

And what it comes down to it, what good isthis going to do?

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