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I witnessed indiscriminate rocket attacks every day that I was in Israel .

I watch and listen to the news on UK television and radio and I'm appalled at the anti-Israel bias.

One of my Best Friends left USA to go to Tel Aviv (spelling? He inspired me with his constant thirst for knowledge, and he taught me a Lot. It gave me hope also, but i then began to realize how much i missed him and starting crying; i was also crying out of pure joy.

When i saw a picture of him on facebook, dressed in his soldier's garb, running through an obstacle course, sweating, carrying all that heavy gear, it inspired me very much. I have a lot of respect for a person like him and i am blessed to have had the pleasure of being his classmate, co-worker, and friend.

Thank you again for working so tirelessly to defend and protect and serve this beautiful and amazing country.

I will always keep Israel and Israeli Soldiers in my thoughts and prayers. I supported his ideas and was deeply influenced and moved by his compassion for humanity and friendship.

The only thing that relief my anger is when I defend Israel in the comment side of a alraimedia which is a local Kuwaiti newspaper by stating the accurate historical and political facts about Israel .

I can't make a rally or announce my support publicly because it's prohibited by our government and I can be jailed for it.

We see that the problem in Arab countries is not Israel but the radical Islamist organizations such as Hamas, hizbalah, isis, alqaida and many others who ruin the lives of Muslims and other minorities.

I am a Kurd and I will always support Israel because I see how the Israelis are trying to protect itself from terror, just as we Kurds are trying to make it against the radical Muslim organistioner and Arab nationalists who accept no other population besides Arabs and Muslims, and sometimes not neither.

A place where we can share hateful links to report them together. They love to eat it with jam in the mornings hahaha.

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