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As he charges forward on his "high-spirited" black stallion Bucephalas toward a wholly intimidating gigantor elephant, the shot slows down so the mutual frenzy is both acutely visible and blurred into myth.

Again, Alexander is in-between: a vain man and a noble leader, an egotistical warlord and a visionary.

These take him quite beyond the scope of his seeming project -- to lay waste to barbarians and recreate the then-known world more or less in his own image.

As the boys is inspired by his blustery drunk of a father King Philip (Val Kilmer) to distrust all women, and by his teacher Aristotle (Christopher Plummer) to lay with men in pursuit of intimacy and "knowledge" ("It is love between men," he asserts gravely, "that can lift us"), Alexander is almost what New York Times' Sharon Waxman calls a "gay hero." But, caught between explicit-flowery language and reluctant-romantic imagery, the film leaves him looking a little "med."The term "gay," for instance, doesn't exactly in play back then.

Alexander follows suit, with appropriately hideous spearings and dismemberings and horrific numbers of corpses displayed.

They're kindred, unconventional spirits," the source added.Just as former couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce drama has come to rest, rumours of the actress dating her Girl, Interrupted / Alexander co-star Jared Leto have surfaced.According to Star Magazine, the Suicide Squad actor has been cosying up to Jolie after she filed for divorce to end her 12-year relationship with Pitt.Not to mention demented-sounding dialogue, a snake-obsessed mom (Olympias, played with welcome gusto by Angelina Jolie), or Colin Farrell's evidently intractable Irish accent and much-reported bad blond wig.Still, this Alexander might have survived all these excesses and details, if he weren't also asked to navigate a tangle of current political and cultural expectations.Indeed, sexuality, desire, and identity were less prone to categorization in ancient Macedonia.

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