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If you are a Canadian resident and you are importing goods for your own personal use, you must report these items to a CBSA officer by contacting the NEXUS Telephone Reporting Centre at 1-866-99-NEXUS (1-866-996-3987). If you have goods that exceed your personal entitlement, you will be advised of the necessary procedures by a border services officer from the Telephone Reporting Centre.Small Boat Reporting in the United States: Beginning January 31, 2008, U. & Canadian citizens will need to present the following to enter or depart the United States by land or sea: proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate Although it is not official, participation in the NEXUS program may be accepted as valid documentation for travel into the United States by land or sea in lieu of a passport. NEXUS Program Information US Passport Info Canadian Passport Info If you are transporting persons to the United States that are not NEXUS members: The boat must arrive at a “physical report site” (video phone at Erie Basin Marina) and the captain must call the local CBP reporting telephone number.By emphasizing the integration of the Google Play multimedia store with Android 4.1, Google intended to market the Nexus 7 as an entertainment device and a platform for consuming e-books, television shows, films, games, and music.Design work on the Nexus 7 began in January 2012 after a meeting between Google and Asus executives at International CES.You must produce this number when asked to do so by border officials. resident and you are importing goods for your own personal use, you must report these items by using the marine reporting procedures and make an oral declaration to a border official by contacting the local CBP office.

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Following a hectic four-month development period during which the device was modified to reach a US9 price point, mass production started in May.

(When all passengers are enrolled in the NEXUS program) The captain must call the NEXUS Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) at: 1-866-99-NEXUS (1-866-996-3987); Provide advance notice to the CBSA at least 30 minutes (minimum) and up to four hours (maximum) before arriving in Canada.

The captain must provide to the TRC: an estimated time of arrival (ETA); the name and location of the approved landing site of arrival (Bertie Boating Club and the Buffalo Canoe Club are “designated sites”); the registration number and/or the name of the boat; the full name, date of birth and country of citizenship and/or permanent residence status for all NEXUS members on board; the destination, purpose of trip and length of stay in Canada for each passenger; and passport and visa details of passengers when applicable or required; Ensure all passengers have photo identification and proof of citizenship, permanent residence status and/or other immigration status documents when applicable or required; and Declare all goods being imported, including currency information.

The first-generation Nexus 7 is a mini tablet computer co-developed by Google and Asus that runs the Android operating system.

It is the first tablet in the Google Nexus series of Android consumer devices marketed by Google and built by an original equipment manufacturer partner.

Google expanded the Nexus 7 lineup in October 2012 with the introduction of 32 GB versions, available in Wi-Fi–only and HSPA cellular-ready varieties.

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