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Apparently people are getting pissed because they delete me from their friends list, view someone else's page or even their own and get re-infected immediately with me. You are gloating about it in the public, which is very dumb and any laywer trying to defend you will tell you this.

I ponder whether I should drive over to their office and apologize. Okay Shameless plug time: WILLY WONKAS GOLDEN TICKETS!And dude, you are famous, your feat is talked about here in Mumbai, India. all the little bitches who use myspace are crying now! Spitt PS, if you want a place to have some more fun, let me know on the forums, I will make a space for you to talk to others and allow them to talk to you, anonymously. From: Tyler, that person with hair Date: Sat Nov 5 2005Hahah i rember when this happened to me, i think i saved the script i found when i went to edit my profile because it kept deleting whatever i wrote and put in your sammy code. plz *keeps laughing* tell me all those *laughs again, cant stay serious* requests HAVENT been accepted on purpose, lol. XD From: drive-by sex machine Date: Tue Nov 8 2005sammy, you add to the pile of wearthless shit that is packed into this world, you waste everyones air everytime you breath YOUR FUCKING KILLING US ALL SAMMY! From: ashley vides Date: Wed Nov 9 2005umm...i don rilly noe wat this whole thyng iz all bout, pero (but) iz madd koo...i guess, evn tho i hav no idea wa diz shyt means.i waz jus bord.i left a comment From: me Date: Sat Nov 12 2005You'll probably never read this comment, nor any others, but I wanted to comment anyway. kinda pathetic that so many people would miss something like that for 3 hours ya know?And here is how 'Samy is my Hero' is said in Hindi(our national language): Samy hamara hero hai Take Care bye From: Mor Decai Date: Thu Oct 20 2005print join(undef,map(chr(unpack(q(A*),eval($_))),0x49,0x27,0x6d,0x20,0x73,0x74,0x69, 0x6c,0x6c,0x20,0x62,0x65,0x74,0x74,0x65,0x72,0x20,0x61,0x74,0x20,0x70,0x65,0x72, 0x6c,0x20,0x74,0x68,0x61,0x6e,0x20,0x79,0x6f,0x75,0x20,0x3d,0x29)),qq(\n); From: Backstabber Date: Fri Oct 21 2005Hmm, and why didn't you think of finding someone you surely hate and add thier name into the script so they are chased after by FOX? From: Mikill Date: Tue Oct 25 2005This fucking sucks.. made my new comments hidden and profile counter froze WTH :/ I'd like to Kill this fucking moron somehow. Date: Tue Nov 1 2005I hope no one lets anyone know about the multiple vunerabilities in CSS - the code they use to allow people to customize their pages. for making a fool out of the people who coded and run that site. i applaud you though its pretty funny From: lol Date: Sat Nov 5 2005wow that is funny... srri, its just that i found that to be the funniest thing of all! maybe you should make a new thingie that gives you a lot of comments here saying you're someone's hero, again. From: [email protected]: Sun Dec 18 2005but i wonder if there is a way to do something similar without violating any existing myspace terms of service rules and in effect not caring if you get caught as youve done nothing wrong thatd be awesome but this is still pretty awesome you have started a revolution among myspace users its time for a new website myspace is played out From: Chris Hilton Date: Fri Dec 23 2005Dude, you seriously rock.I began to examine the site some more, seeing how they restrict things, what they restrict, taking some breaks to look at pics of people and their profiles, trying to add them as friends and getting rejected, and getting back to making my profile cool so that they would add me as a friend later. After a little bit of messing around, I found that I could put in a longer headline than what they allowed. But I think you can surely sharpen your skills to get into internet security and stuff. Didn't get Inoue either, and she is fucking hot as hell... and i can't honestly say that i've accessed your profile. im pretty sure you screwed up when you made it so the people that viewed the other peoples profiles would do the same... From: ashley Date: Thu Dec 15 2005i think its pretty wicked.I could even get around their other restrictions and get HTML in there in order to add cool "effects" to my page that other people can't add. Hey, you have been lucky to not get hauled up by authorities. From: Ichigo Date: Fri Oct 21 2005Didn't get me, cuz you ain't be important enough. From: Date: Sun Oct 23 2005awesome, i read this bit of news a couple of places and i guess i just found your site which im suprized that your on here but anyways i dont give a shit im going to add sammy as a hereo now anyways. From: Spitt Date: Sun Oct 23 2005whether or not true, a great story. From: Eric Zhang Date: Thu Nov 3 2005DUDE YOU ARE MY HERO. then i realized it didnt work anymore because of myspace and the embed crap, youre intelligent. That was the most amazing thing I've seen in years. no one else can say they screwed over the entire myspace population... I dont know who you are, and I dont think I have ever wanted to know; therefore, I dont want you there. You should have done it to get someone's password and send it to you. From: Right-o Date: Mon Oct 17 2005My Space is the last vestige of the scoundrel; supplanting those with the ubiquitous email addy's @as the lowest of the low . Good going lad; your officially now, near- wallow . Ta-ta From: Nathan Date: Tue Oct 18 2005You're probably not ever going to read this, but that's ok. The only reason I joined myspace was to look at pictures of hot chicks. From: Lizard King Date: Mon Dec 5 2005I believe someone on this page (don't remember who) said it best..should've sold that technology to music bands on myspace! u gave, so i hope u weren't entirely truthful;-) nonetheless they probably would have tracked you down by now..ur probably safe.

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