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“When Patti left me and moved to California, she wanted more than anything to get married.Her goal in going to California was to meet someone,” she said.

However, despite the statistics, Stanger recalls the early days of series when Bravo’s Frances Berwick, now president, lifestyle networks, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, questioned if viewers would ever believe you could actually find love on TV.Still, Aschfort firmly believes that the right guy for Stanger is somewhere out there.“I know Patti will never be truly happy until she’s really in love and gets married and I hope that happens for her,” she told Radar.“I think people believe in it more,” she says of finding love on camera. “There is everything for someone now, and if you’re not online or you’re not dating through a matchmaker, you’re basically a loser these days.The tables have turned.” Stanger recognizes that it’s not just the new, changing world of dating that has lent to her show’s success — it’s also the TV landscape. They could have never done this 10 years ago.” Levine agrees that the market for dating shows is still out there.“I’m fascinated that this is really a scripted time,” Stanger says, alluding to “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” and the upcoming “Odd Mom Out” on Bravo. “As long as there continues to be shows about the heart that feel real, viewers will want to watch.” And as for the future of “Millionaire Matchmaker? I like to stay current,” she says, adding that she loves chatting with millennials to see what they need to date effectively.

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