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As clinical physician Sandy Reider makes clear below, government keeps expanding the list of mandatory vaccines.

It now often includes diseases, such as hepatitis B, that rarely affect children.

(Le Novità del Decreto Legge sui Vaccini , .) During the 2017-2018 academic year, the Health Ministry, together with the Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research, will promote initiatives for the training of teachers and students on the subject of vaccinations; parents’ associations will also be involved in the campaign.

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Improved nutrition also reduced mortality rates, enabling infants, children, and adults to fight off diseases that would have more likely killed their malnourished ancestors.

Below, Bailey, Singer, and Reider take the scalpel to each others' arguments, in the hope of bringing more practical and philosophical clarity to a divisive topic.

Millions of Americans believe it is perfectly all right to put other people at risk of death and misery.

The issue seems almost tailor-made to produce philosophical conflict among those who otherwise share a heightened skepticism of government power. Over the last 15 years, spurred on by Mc Carthy and other high-profile advocates who claim that vaccinations may cause such damaging side effects as autism, more parents are opting out of vaccinations for highly contagious diseases for their children.

A 2011 survey by the Associated Press reported that exemption levels in eight states now exceed 5 percent.

As Jeffrey Singer, a general surgeon and longtime libertarian activist, points out below, "Not everyone who is vaccinated against a microbe develops immunity to that microbe.

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